Superheroes V-Day Cards

So the other day while I was checking out the twitter update feed, Timmmmyboy posted about the retro superheroes valentine’s day cards.

As I love hearts and getting cards on Valentine’s Day, I decided it would be funny to make my own versions of the cards, preferably funny and not so cutesy. I was inspired by and also be my anti-valentine.

Although there is only about fifteen minutes left until valentine’s day ends (which was pretty crappy for a lot of people; I know of two relationships that ended today) I hope you can share some laughter/joy with friends/family:

no more booty calls

Let's Just Be Friends

Check out my photo set with all the cards here:

Written by Cali4beach

  1. I use delicious for this, and i am actually going through posts right now for a major feature of work from the last two weeks. You may find some use for delciious in this regard, it spares me some of that 400 tabs, though I still seem to sport 100 or so.

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