I like to laugh

I like to laugh. I’m not talking about laughter that is like “haha” or the single “he!,” I’m talking about finding something so hilarious that I double over with a gasping-for-air laugh in which tears spring from my eyes. It’s been a while since I’ve found something to make me truly laugh until two days ago when I saw this:

I almost fell of the couch the first time I saw it, I was laughing so hard! For the whole rest of the day, I would randomly think of this photo and go into a laughing fit. Apparently I have an infectious laugh because, although the people around me would yell “SARAH! THE PHOTO IS NOT THAT FUNNY!”, they would start laughing too.

It’s only now, two days later, that I can look at this photo with a little “haha”and a smirk instead of  cracking up.

But still, I think this shall remain my new favorite photo for a while. :)

Future project: Sleepyhead and Wizard of OZ Mashup

Although I have many projects I need to attend to, one that I’ve been thinking about for a while is doing another mashup.

But to explain why I want to do this mashup, I need to discuss my first stage performance ever.

When I was in first grade I got selected to play a munchkin in the stage production of the “Wizard of Oz” that my elementary school was putting on.

I looked like one of these munchkin women, except a lot cuter.

My one and only song for the show was “Ding-dong the Witch is dead.” For weeks before, during, and after the show, I would apparently sing it nonstop, much to the annoyance of my family.

Even now, I can be found randomly humming or singing this part of the song:

” Ding-dong the witch is dead
Which old witch? The wicked witch!
Ding-dong the wicked witch is dead
Wake up you sleepyhead
Rub your eyes, get out of bed
Wake up the wicked witch is dead
She’s gone where the goblins go,
Below – Below – Below
Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
Ding Dong’s the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low
Let them know the Wicked Witch is dead!”

From my *star *performance in the play, my love of the “The Wizard of Oz” was born.  I used to watch the movie version all the time. I have read every book in the Wizard of Oz series by L. Frank Baum; my favorite is definitely: “Ozma of Oz.” I enjoy finding cool Wizard of Oz Memorabilia. For a time I even had sparkly ruby slippers just like Dorothy.

mine were just as cool

Sadly, my feet outgrew them and I had to give then away (I am still kinda sad about this!) For me, the Wizard of Oz isn’t exactly an obsession because I don’t think about it all the time, but its definitely something I like a lot.

So when I heard Passion Pit’s song “Sleepyhead” earlier this year, I immediately thought of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Not only is the “sleepyhead” part of the songs is a strong factor for this association, but also the beat itself reminds me of Dorothy and her crew skipping down the yellowbrick road and Dorothy’s house spinning in the tornado.

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellowbrick road!

As I’m not a fan of the official music video for “Sleepyhead,” and because this song just screams for a “Wizard of Oz” mashup, one of my next projects is make my own video version for  it.

I am not quite sure when exactly this is going to get done as I am going to be running all over the place the next few months, however, I hope to get it done as soon as possible. Of course, it helps that I now have a shiny new Mac to create this video. 😀

Jim Groom and ds106 converted me to the apple family.


Me & Meghan (the Ghan-Ghan)

Graduation & life after!

After  eight semesters of hard work, plus a couple of summer classes here and there, I’ve graduated from the University of Mary Washington!

I’ve graduated with departmental honors and a BA in English: Creative Writing, summa cum laude.

Me & Meghan E --> Both of us received honors in English ;)

So now that I’ve graduated I’ve faced an exponential increase of family and/or random people asking me:

“So what are you going to do with your life now that you’ve graduated? Are you going into journalism? Are you going to teach?…”

Then they stare at me, unblinking, until I say something.

Like many of my fellow peers, I don’t really have a plan for my career yet (most of them fell through for various reasons), and thus, these questions get really old, really fast.

If I was smart I would say something random, like “I’m going to become a scuba diving instructor in Hawaii.” (I’m an actual Scuba diver but no-where near experienced enough to be an instructor! Although I would love to move to Hawaii for a few years!)


But really this is what I tell people I have planned for the next few months:

1) Figure out how to fit everything I brought back from my apartment into my room at home. My room here is the size of a cardboard box, no joke,  so this is going to be tricky!


2) In 11 days I am flying to California to meet up with my Australian friend Rose who I met in New Zealand last year.

postcard I bought last year. love it!!


Then we are going to travel together around  California, Arizona and Nevada for a little over two weeks. After that we are headed over to the East coast to do more traveling until she leaves in mid-July.

I am super excited because Rose is one of my closest friends and I haven’t seen her in almost a year. Also, while I’m from California, I’ve never been to Arizona or Nevada, so I am looking forward to traveling there.

Viva las vegas!

Vegas, anyone?

I’m also looking forward to showing off the best of America to Rose because she has never been to the U.S. before.

So definitely be on the lookout for more blog posts about her and our trip in the upcoming future!

3) Once Rose leaves its all going to be about applying for jobs or internships or seeing if I have any money left over to do more traveling. I got the travelin’ bug and I want to see as much of the world as possible before I’m 25.

Goal in life: Visit all the countries in the world plus Antartica. This can happen I just need to invent/write something that I can make bank on!


I am so there!



So we (David Noel, Kelsey Conway, and me) decided to make movie posters. They are all about Jim Groom, of course.

Behold: Groomed4life!

Poster 1:


Poster 2:

Poster 3:

Poster 4: (image credit to Erin O’Neal)

the infamous jim groom

Creation process:

We all sat together and discussed what we wanted the posters to be.

1) Kelsey came up with the idea of pitting Jim Groom with Tim Doom and I added the Rock-n-sock-robots to the mix. Then I photoshopped Jim Groom’s and Colleen’s face on the two boys watching the robots in the original photo.

I was the only one with photoshop so I put all of these together, while the others gave advice and ideas. I think it was Kelsey who came up with the epic movie title:  Groomed4life

2) David came up with the idea for using crazy quotes from Jim Groom that Jim Groom had actually said in class. We decided to add these quotes around the radio We then used the awesome edupunk photo in the background to represent the quote about the old creeper.

3) We decided we had to use someone’s photo from Flickr for our last shoot. We all really liked Erin’s flaming photo and so we used that one. Thanks Erin! We ended up photoshopping a picture of Jim Groom over the person’s face so it looked like Jim Groom had finally taken over the world.

4) Erin offered to take a Jim Groom photo and make it look all fiery and cool. Then I added the Groomed4life logo. Thanks again Erin for taking time to do this.

Great work team! (:

Combining 3 assignments into 1!

Since I have such a crazy final exam schedule, I’ve decided to combine 3 assignments in one!

Thus, I give you part of my post card final project, with the cover of the post card inspired by my love for ds106 (fandom, holla) and the back of the postcard containing my letter to future #ds106sers.








Creation process:

I knew as soon as we got the fandom assignment I wanted to make some kind of homage to ds106. Then I decided to make a postcard for it because my postcard final project has been sadly neglected for quite a while.

Originally I was doing a lot of work in photoshop to make the collage of all my photos, but I was having some issues making it turn out exactly like I wanted it.

I made the collage in photoshop, then added the border and #ds106 is for life in picnick. Then it was back to photoshop where I added the barbed wire look, the red Xs and the red heart (all of those additions were created using photoshop brushes I downloaded a long time ago).

The back of the postcard I had to make short and to the point. I could have said a lot more, but you work with what you can do. The back was created using photoshop.

Now to slay my two finals before our #ds106 final tomorrow (or is it today since its almost 1am??)

last week of classes collage

A week’s worth of Daily Shoot photos

I really like this past weeks daily shoots! I actually remembered to take them the day they were assigned (always a plus!) and they are all so different which is cool.


I think the biggest reason why I like them all is because they perfectly seem to represent each day I took them. Normally that doesn’t happen.

These aren’t picture in the actual order I took them  but if we go through the list:

Friday– Computer (had computer issues and thought my computer was tostitos toast!)

Saturday- Fake Mustache one (my friend fell asleep before we were about to go out so I pretended to draw on her to wake her up)

Sunday- Bubble Boy (friends came over for dinner/ studying and then we took a study break to blow some bubbles.)

Monday– action photo (sister came down for a presentation I gave at Kemp Symposium and then she put on a mask I got in this really fab book about vampires)

Tuesday- Bunny photo (went to Passover Seder at my Roomie’s house and then her mom gave us all Easter basket too– They have jewish/catholic household, best  celebrations of the 2 religions :)

Wednesday— Sad Karen (SO MUCH HOMEWORK TO DO IT IS RIDICULOUS. Hence the all caps and the sad face D: )

Thursday– Blue Shoots (last day of classes ever since I’m a senior and I’m really going to miss all my good friends at UMW– it was nice to spend time with them AND work on a real project 😉


Let’s see what magic I can come up with in terms of taking photos during finals week! Wish me luck girls and boys….

Blue Rainbow Brite Shoot

I just got my blue Rainbow Brite shoot! The daily shoot for Thursday (ds522) was water themed, so I decided to go ahead and take Blue Rainbow Brite Photos!

Now I just need to get the colors: purple and indigo.

In the interest of time I might combine these two colors because they are basically the sameish, right?….

Anyways, my ultimate goal is to do a massive shoot during finals week in which I get all my rainbow brite people together (e.g. Karen, Elena, Colleen and of course Megan and the other color people not yet chosen). We also might have a surprise extra person/color in the photo too 😉

Tonight I was going to use Aliyah as my other Blue person, but we had some communication issues. Instead, Karen (who was Red Dawn) graciously stepped up to the plate. However, I am hoping in the final shoot I can use Aliyah for Blue.

I took 66 photos and here are the 3 best ones:

my favorite photo of the shoot!

ET Mashups

So lately I’ve been obsessed with Katy Perry’s song ET. I think the lyrics are horrible and very much emphasizes male dominance over women:

“Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction”  aka RAPE ME, ALIEN MAN, RAPE ME….

but it’s so damn catchy.  (Kind of like the Friday song, but better?…)

Anyways, I decided to make fun of the song by doing a couple mashups. My original idea was to mashup Charlie Sheen Clips with the ET song.  But in the interest of time (and so Jim Groom won’t kill me because I’m so late in doing this D:) I also decided to mashup this song with a couple other videos I found randomly. I will try to come back to my original idea, but here’s something for now.

So I found this video on Archive.org website and thought it was really cool and trippy! It seemed to blend in with the song pretty well and I didn’t have to do much editing to put them together:

(Having trouble embedding these videos now, so will figure it out later)

ET Trippy Government Video

Then for this Boobah/ ET mashup, the original video is really creepy by itself. Yet, once the ET song, it is EVEN MORE CREEPY.  Sorry about the video quality, it was the best one I could find on youtube.

ET Boohbah


NOTE: I really hate Boohbahs. My sister bought me a blue one as an bday one year as a gag gift and ever since I’ve been haunted by their eyes…. Shudder.




I finished the Charlie Sheen video! It’s a lot shorter than I expected, but I think it turned out pretty amazing! :)

ET Charlie