Day 8: The day I destroyed a book & discovered the theme of my 366 day project.

Day 8 assignment was: “Transform an old book into something new by cutting, folding, gluing and so on.”

Now at first I was slightly horrified. Destroy a book?  Impossible!!

But then I thought about this book on Degas I had rescued from my grandma’s house in August when it was about to be donated.


I could not get a photo of this without me in the photo... :/

It was filled with many of Degas’ great paintings and I thought it would cool to use these prints as part of an art project. So I kept the book, waiting for the right time to rip into it.

Today was that day.  It was weird at first, cutting into a book, but after a while it became a lot of fun. I ended up saving most of paintings found in the book, only leaving those I  didn’t like as much. I even ended up reading more of the book than expected as well.

The book was torn apart in half.

Once I cut out everything I wanted I had to decide what I wanted my project of the day to be.

all the clips

I ended up making a college out of 1 1/2 paintings



This is my thought process for this piece. The woman is trapped in a box, the box called “her life right now.” Outside of it, there’s a lot brighter/ more interesting world that isn’t exactly perfect. Will she ever break free of  her life right now and explore a world that offers much more potential for her?


I am probably going to finish this piece by mounting it to blank paper so I can write a letter on the back of it and send it off.

Which leads me to the theme of this 366 day project: Mail.

I love mail. I love writing letters & postcards and receiving them in turn. A lot of my projects thus far have been things revolving around mail/letters and I want to continue this pattern by making it my general project theme. I want most of my projects to be something that I can send to other people, so that it’s not something that is just going to pile up around my house. Also, I am always looking for new cards to send to people, so now I can just make my own.


Day 7: Graffiti Art

Day 7’s activity was “One week down! See how fast it goes? Today, make a stencil and use it in your work.”

I started off with trying to make an elaborate stencil, but realized my paper cutting abilities leave much to be desired. Instead, I ended up making a stencil that said “Got Mail” with the help of my sister.

By the time we finished making the stencil it was getting rather late so I decided to put off using it until the next day. Again, another 2-day project. Oh well.

I had just finished writing at super long letter to one of my friends overseas (22 pages) and I realized that I needed a bigger envelope to send it in. I decided to use my stencil to decorate the envelope.


And since that turned out well I decided I wanted to decorate the front of the envelope too. I dug out a stencil that my friend Natalie had given me as part of my 19th birthday gift.

All in all, I loved doing Day 7 assignment! But, of course, who doesn’t like making art with spray paint? ; )




Visited 32 out of 50 states in the USA. Of this number I have been to

2011 recap & 2012 resolutions

2011 was a crazy year.

I graduated from college and had many crazy adventures in the US with international friends!

In 2011 I visited 23 states

In my entire life I have been to 32 out 50 states in the US


Most importantly, I took DS106 in my final school semester. DS106 has changed my life. I say this not because all of the internet skills I learned through this class, but because of my 365 photo a day project I started. I’ve been working on this project since Jan 31,2011 and only have a month left to go.

Out of all my resolutions for 2011, taking a photo everyday has been the only one I have kept.  The key here was determination and so far I’ve done an amazing job of sticking with it.

Now it’s 2012. What’s the plan for the new year you might ask? I have a lot of things up in the air right now, but two things are certain:

1) I want to travel as many new places/countries as possible this year

2) I am starting a new year long project based on the book “365: A Daily Creativity journal” by Noah Scalin.** Every day for a year I will be creating something new based on the daily prompts from the book. I’ve already kickstarted the year with by making this:

Two of my friends are supposed to be doing this project alongside with me as well (Katherine and Marieke) so I am excited that I am not going into this year long project alone.

As for other “resolutions” I ideally want to try blogging at least once a week. Once DS106 was over I’ve definitely slacked on the blogging and I’ve come to realize that I miss it. Also, I think I might want to keep up with a photo a day for a year. Now of course I am going to be taking a photo everyday of my 366 (because of leap year) creativity journal project, but it would be nice to continue taking photos of things outside of this.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2012, but I do know it’s going to be an creatively interesting year!

**SIDE NOTE: Noah Scalin’s 365 day project involved creating a skull a day. He did an amazing job on this project and if the things that I can create this year are a quarter as good as his, then I will be happy!

This is one of my favorites from his project :