Stardust: Who’s hot and who’s not


Here is my video essay in all its glory. I ended up using the MAC lab for most of it which worked out great except when it came time to record my commentary. People would keep coming in and out and print stuff, so I ended up using my roomie’s mac (thank gods she didn’t need it this weekend).

The commentary took longer to record than I thought it would just because I would stumble over my words or would pause too long as I figured out what to say. So I ended up writing a one page (single space) script and then after I finished that, I made up the rest of my commentary.

Uploading to youtube took FOREVER as my video is rather long and  youtube kept freezing up.

Hope this convinces you to see the movie if you haven’t already. : )

Stardust: 4 Icon Challenge & other #ds106 photos

I ran into some problems in creating my video essay for the movie Stardust since I couldn’t get all the clips I wanted frrom the movie.  :(

As I continue to work on my video essay tonight, I decided to leave you with a 4 icon challenge I created for the movie. This will prepare you for what I will talk about in my video essay which will also briefly cover  the novel written by Neil Gaiman,  which is the basis for the movie. Neil Gaiman is an amazing writer who I am currently studying right now in my Fantasy class at UMW (we read the book Neverwhere and watched part of the series; currently reading Stardust now) and who I studied last semester in my Graphic Novel class (we read one of the books in the epic Sandman series).

Looking forward to finishing up my videoessay!




Also, here’s some photos taken while I and others were  working on the project: