ideas from Gardner Campbell

Since I read Gardner Campbell’s essay and watched the youtube clip, I’ve been trying to decide how to best incorporate what I’ve learned. I know some people have written tradition blog posts, or poems, or songs, but I’ve decided to do something different.
I’ve created this Wordle with the words and phrases that stuck out in my mind the most from what I’ve heard from Campbell.

Written by Cali4beach

  1. This is a creative way to interpret the article and lecture by Gardner Cambell. Did you use a website to create it? I like that the font size, word position and word color are different, so when people look at it, different words stand out to them.

  2. I’m impressed. I loved your use of wordle. At the moment I am actually rereading and doing the Web 2.0 post and this just gave me a really good idea on how to relate each article to each other. I will make sure to site you as an inspiration in my blog 🙂

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