My Final Project(s)

So for my final project, I’ve actually decided to do two projects! Before every student in the class starts hating on me for doing two projects let me explain why I am doing this.

My first project is continuing on with the Daily Shoot assignments. As I have mentioned before, I am a photography nut and really enjoy the challenge of the Daily Shoot assignments. Sometimes I think I come up with really great stuff, like “The Masks” set, and other time I capture just an okay photo. But I’ve decided that it’s a personal challenge of mine to make this my #365 day project and take a Daily Shoot photo everyday for a year.

I feel like this might be a little tough for me to keep up with since I tend to get distracted easily, although so far I’ve lasted 32 days!

I keep meaning to post about this experience of taking the photos, but have been swamped so far by other  class assignments. However, I promise that this week I will def have some reflection posts up!

Now for project #2: Postcards.

Last Spring Semester I studied abroad in Townsville, Australia and experienced some of the most  crazy/awesome/intense/amazing experiences of my life. It was really hard for me to leave Australia and last fall semester I was really sad to be back at UMW for various reasons. Now that I’ve been back over a year from Australia, I think it would be an interesting study to parallel my life week by week over in Ozland versus my life week by week here.

I decided the best way to do this would be by creating my own postcards, because in real life I am a postcard/letter writing fan and each week I send numerous postcards and letters to my besties. I was also inspired by the awesome postcards from LOTR created last semester.

I’ve made a couple of postcards for my US life the past few weeks and have just started working on the ones from Ozland. I plan on posting them sometime this week, so look forward to that!

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  1. I think it is a great idea that you have decided to continue with the dailyshoot assignments. They are a great way to keep the creativity going. And as for the second assignment, I think the postcards will be really cool. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Are you going to make postcards that mix the two locations? For example, have one postcard for, let’s say, Thanksgiving, and show a picture of your Thanksgiving here and a picture of your Thanksgiving in Australia on one postcard? That would be really cool to be able to compare the two. I feel like it could possibly even turn into a marketing tool for studying abroad. Good luck with the postcards, can’t wait to see them.

    • ooh I like the idea of mixing the two postcards into one, but I think that i will be one for each country.

      haha, but love your idea about making money off studying abroad. 😛

  2. Does is it count as a final project to continue daily shoots? COOL! I really liked them, but I too am a very distracted person and I NEVER remember 🙁 TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. No really, how do you remember?

    Also, you should definitely post about your process. As of right now, I kind of lack a process, and I would love to steal any ideas for getting inspired that you might have. I mostly just freak out and look around my rooms for props…

    • haha I just happen to think about the stuff I need to do each day, and the daily shoot is on that list 😛 probably because its a lot more fun than most homework assigments!

      and yes, I’m going to put up my first week of postcards tonight, very excited!

      as for inspiration, I generally ask people like my roomies for ideas. I like the shoots where I can get people to dress up and look silly like this shoot:

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