And the award for world’s best procrastinator goes to…


So I’ve been trying to work on a paper for class all this week and every day since Thursday I’ve been saying: “Ok, today is the day I am going to get it done!” and then five seconds later I tell myself “Ok, I will start in a hour…” then three hours later “Okay I really, really will start in an hour” then nighttime rolls around and then I say, “Definitely tomorrow I will get this done.”

And so this horrible pattern has repeated itself until it’s now 3pm on Monday and while I have a lot of fab ideas, not much of it is down on paper. D:

Anyways, in the spirit of procrastinating I’ve decided to share some random/ odd/ weird things I’ve come across while trolling the internet for research/inspiration:

1. Ganguro: “is an alternative fashion trend of blonde or orange hair and tanned skin among young Japanese women that peaked in popularity around the year 2000” (Wikipedia).

I don’t know if you seen pictures of this, but this is frightening! They look like freaky barbie dolls. **shudder**











2. Tru TV Crime Library: Criminal Minds and Methods

This website discusses famous criminals and their crimes. You don’t really want to know about these all heinous crimes but you just can’t stop reading…

3. How to write badly well:

This website is really funny as the author shows examples of bad writing. My friend Zack sent this to me as motivation to actually get words down on the page.  Of course, I wasted like twenty minutes reading this blog, but it was worth it because the post about the red herrings made me laugh out loud.

And now to work, for real.

Written by Cali4beach

  1. WAGH. WHAT. WHAT. That’s really weird. ….kinda makes me want to go mess with makeup, though. Not to recreate that look, mind, but to do something interesting.

    Yeah… I should be doing things right now, but why bother? I reach my peak creative flow just after sleep madness. I’m going to fiddle around for a few more hours, maybe work on some photos, THEN maybe I’ll go do some homework.

  2. In response to number one…
    The Wikepedia article is actually scarier than what you posted, because the pictures are of people ON THE METRO, which means the Ganguro actually exist! It’s pretty interesting that they call it “an alternative fashion trend” because they really just look like the orange girls from my high school, but to the extreme. Is the excessiveness of it all supposed to satire? The Wikepedia article kind of hints at that… but, I’m not sure I believe it. I shall investigate.

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