Day 17: Eye Spy

Day 17’s assignment: “Make something inspired by and/or that goes over and eye (yours or someone else’s)”

First thoughts: Clearly I am going to make an eyepatch today! Hmmm.. what materials should I use for this…

Later that day: Or maybe I should do some crazy eye makeup on me or a friend……

Much, Much later that day: Or maybe I will make Harry Potter Nerd Glasses out of cardboard and then spray paint it tomorrow…

Well into I-should-be-asleep time: I am going to make a mask!  1) Find Mask templates based on the Stravaganza books by Mary Hoffman 2) Print it out and color it in 3) glue to cardboard and cut it out 4) Coerce sibling into modeling for me.





Written by Cali4beach

  1. I just found your great blog through the ds106 main site. I love the masks you’ve come up with.

    I’m a bit unclear about where these daily assignments are coming from. I’ve scrolled back through some previous posts and am amazed with your work.

    Is this part of ds106 or are you doing this for another daily project.

    • Thank you! 😀

      For Christmas a few friends and I got each other Noah Scalin’s book “365: A Daily Creativity Journal” which gives out daily projects for a year! It’s a really fun book to use for inspiration and also to make cool, creative things! 🙂

      I was thinking about posting all the assignments from it on my blog, just so people could follow along. I do enjoy the book version though because it’s an easy way to see all your projects together at a glance!

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