Meme Version of the Hacking Incident

My reactions after finding out my websites were hacked last week:


Is this a joke?

Not a #ds106 joke? Why me? Why my blog?

I will hunt this person down and destroy him!

After getting everything up and running again:

I missed my blog so much! I promise I will blog 3 times a day!

Two Weeks from now (reality)

I should start blogging again... But first, one more page of 9gag....


Written by Cali4beach

  1. that’s true but i feel like it would be an epic battle… gingers on one side and jedi jim groom on the other… if only my animation skillz were up to making this (anyone else out there want to give it a go? 😉

    oooooh gifss…. I feel like one of the little aliens from Toy story haha

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