Day 43: First attempt at Gif Making!

Day 43’s assignment was: “Learn something new. Ask a friend to help you do something using a technique or skill they’re good at.”

Time to make my first gif! I turned to the #DS106 tutorial and downloaded a few programs (like Gimp) to make it work. I also asked Megan Mc to help since she is “The Emeril of Gif-making.”

She had a few suggestions for me about making this and while I am happy it wasn’t as hard as I thought ( definitely time consuming tho) I don’t understand why the quality is so terrible. All the images were fine pre-giffing and now it’s so blurry… >.<

Megan and I messed with the gif and tried to see if we could solve the problem, but no dice. Anyone out there have a suggestion on how to fix the quality?

Written by Cali4beach

  1. BAM! Gifs! 😀
    I can’t believe you put the Emeril of Gif making quote in your post.

    This is an awesome first Gif, Sarah! Gif making gets easier the more you practice it. Yup yup.
    (How many times can I say Gif in a comment? apparently lots)

  2. Here’s what I think – It’s crushing the palette to keep the size small. In other words, rather than using the many colors of the original, it’s averaging and then using a fixed palette of many fewer colors. Try to raise the number of colors or relax the size restrictions – usually this is at the point of the save, though I’m not sure about GIMP.

  3. I think Noise Professor is right on, my gifs I keep the colors high and try and get the orgiinal movie from the DVD or some other source that guarantees a pretty pristine source. let em know, and your GIF rocks!

    • I was chatting with Sarah while she was making this and she said she did rip it from the DVD so it was as good a source as possible, though it is an old movie so maybe It was a bit grainy to begin with.
      And I told her how photoshop likes to bump things down from a 256 color palette to a 128 one when saving, but she didn’t see any of that while saving it in GIMP. So I dunno where that might’ve happened :/

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