Day 55: Jingle ALLLL the way “The only cow in the suburbs”

Day 55’s assignment was: “Write an advertising jingle for something in nature (a tree, a bird, a cloud). Bonus make a commercial to go with it!”

This video will explain mostly all!  WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN!





And now pictures of the cow in our backyard:

Why do we have a wooden cow in our backyard, you might ask? A few years ago my aunt’s friend from Kenya stayed at our house. She took a look at our backyard (which also backs up to a public, grassy area) and said “Why don’t you have a cow? You have a lot of grass for it to graze.” We thought that was really funny, so the next time she stayed with us, my dad and Sibling 1 got crafty. It was a complete surprise to her when she looked out the window in the morning and saw the cow! We’ve kept in the backyard ever since. 🙂

Written by Cali4beach

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