Day 76: Earrings

Day 76’s assignment was “Make something inspired by and /or that fits on or around an ear (yours or someone else’s).

I try to avoid craft stores like Michael’s. Not because I don’t like getting crafty, but because I will go to Michael’s for a specific purpose and then spend another $30+ dollars on things I don’t really need.

Like last year: Sibling 1 needed to go to Michaels to get something and I accompanied her. I walked out the store with all these clearance jewelry pieces that I was convinced I would make into necklaces. 

Turns out I didn’t have all the materials I needed, so I set aside this project for another day.

Now a year later I decided I should make these into earrings for Day 76’s project. I went back to Michael’s to get the necessary materials (again spent more money on things I don’t really need) and got to work. It was really simple to do; I don’t know why I put it off for so long!


I decided to also make the necklace I thought about making last year.

Written by Cali4beach


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