Day 70: 2011 Gasoline Consumption Infographic

Day 70’s assignment was: “Work only with numbers today. You could make an image using numbers, make something into number shapes, do something involving a calculator, or…?

Every time I get gas for my Honda Civic, I always write down how much money I spent, the # of gallons I got, price per gallons, and the mileage so that I can figure out my MPG. I tallied my results from 2011 and these are the results:

I could have continued this infographic with my average MPG, my high and my low MPG, etc. but I already spent a lot of time working just on this and have other projects to do.

Before I end this post I would like to highlight one amazing artist I discovered in the course of making this infographic: Chris Jordan.His work “Running the numbers: An American Self Portrait” embodies the kind of meaningful and awesome art I would like to make.


*This is my first infographic! It also fulfills ds106 design assignment 52! woo woo!

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