Getting out of a creative slump & Day 81: Horatio CSI Meme

Lately I’ve been in a creative slump and it’s been bad. Once you fall behind on a bunch of assignments, it’s hard to catch up or want to catch up. You start to develop this sort of apathy about making anything.

There is no point. No one cares. I am Jack’s wasted life.

Yesterday I was 14 days behind on assignments and I knew this was the turning point. If I didn’t start doing assignments again, my work for the past few months would be worthless.

Day 81’s assignment (which I was supposed to do on March 21st :/) was to “make something out of erasers.” I been thinking about this assignment for a while, but wasn’t sure if my idea was funny or not. I got the seal of approval from a friend and got to work. The result :

which was partially inspired by this sculptureĀ at the SculptureĀ Garden in DC

So for now I am playing the catch up game. Hopefully my creative slump is behind me and I can get back on track because it is really annoying to wake up and have not one, not two, but 14 assignments to do. >.<

Written by Cali4beach

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  1. Aaaah welcome back. Very awesome. What a hilarious sculpture. I think that giant eraser fell on my creativity and wiped it out too. I haven’t blogged since February!
    So, again, Sarah, you inspire me. Let’s get back. No regrets, just keep on going!

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