España: Barcelona

Ahhhh,España! Finally a country in which I feel comfortable speaking their language. Of all the places I was going on this Contiki tour, I was most excited about Barcelona. A little Spanish flavor, a chance to practice my not-often-used language skills… I couldn’t wait.

Turns out, I hate Barcelona. Okay, okay. Hate is a strong word. I was really disappointed with Barcelona. Barcelona is an incredibly dirty city and all the graffitti I saw was the ugly kind, the kind where some punk kid scrawled a name or some nasty words because he thought he was cool.

Also, in Barcelona there are  thieves everywhere; three people on my tour got robbed within 24 hours of each other. I dislike having to keep an eagle eye on my purse at all time. Obviously, in the bigger cities you do need to watch your stuff, but here I was paranoid about where my stuff was at all times. It is not a nice feeling.

Barcelona does have some plus point though. They have a crazy nightlife, wacky & wonderfully weird buildings designed by Gaudi, and tapas that are so delicious I will never eat anything as good as those ever again.

Top shots from Barce:

Magic Fountain Day 141: 366 Creativity Journal

Parc Guell /Day 142: 366 Creativity Journal

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