France: Paris and the Beaujalis Wine Region

In London I joined a Contiki tour, and from there we headed off  across the English channel via ferry to Calais, France. My first real taste of France came when we arrived to Paris.  What surprised me the most about Paris was the wide, wide avenues they have. I was expecting cramped, small streets but the Champs de Elysee is huge!

I was really looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower in person and I have to say it definitely did not disappoint!

Day 137/ 366 Creativity Journal

The next day was our day to wander the streets and do all the touristy things like seeing the Arc du Triomphe and the Louvre. My favorite shot of the day: the flamme eternal and the tomb of the unknown solider.


Day 138/ 366 Creativity Journal

The French are always stereotyped as being snobby, but I have to say I met some really nice French people. I did notice that outside of Paris in the smaller towns the people did not want (or did not know how) to speak English which sometimes was a problem as I speak absolutely no French. For example, I was looking for a bathroom and this shop owner proceeded, all in French, to give me directions for 5 minutes. I told her I don’t speak French and she still kept trying to explain. >.<  I ended up nodding at her as if I finally understood and then continued down the street until I found someone who could point me in the right direction.

All in all, my favorite part of France that I saw would have to be the Beaujalis wine region. We stayed in a stunning Chateau that looked out over the vineyards.

Day 139/ 366 Creativity Journal

Day 140/ 366 Creativity Journal

It was very calm and peaceful; I just wanted to curl up somewhere with a good book and read for hours. But that dream was to be put on hold because all too soon it was time to rush off to Barcelona!

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