New project! KoreaUsa Collaboration website

Ever since Megan Mc and I took DS106 in Spring 2011, we’ve become digital BFFS (and real life ones too!)

Megan MC

We are constantly challenging each other to be more innovative and to make more art. Megan is an amazing gif-maker, and I am a photography nut who likes to coerce Megan into modeling for me (especially for the Rainbow Brite Shoots.) It’s very much a symbiotic relationship.

Now that I am in Korea, Megan and I decided to do a joint photography project. It’s called KoreaUSA (very original). On it we will post responses to different photography challenges.

For example: Steel and Glass Challenge


Sarah's photo


Megan's Photo

I am doing this as part of an addition to my #366creativityjournal project.  KoreaUsa is a way for us to stay in touch even though we are thousands of miles apart, and also to motivate ourselves to be creative.

Let the collaboration projects begin! Check out KoreaUsa here.

Written by Cali4beach

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