Day 226: The Fortune Teller OR Back to “Creativity Land”

I already tweeted about this “Fortune Teller” photo, but I thought it deserved a mini-blog.

As I go through and post photos (very late) for my daily assignments, I was struck by the thought that some of my photos 100% suck. They aren’t that creative or inspired. They seem to be very tedious.

I have to have a photo. Here is a photo. Meh. 

It also is time consuming because I know  the selection of photos I choose from that day  are crappy. I want to make them not crappy so I end up spending a lot of time trying to make the photo look cool. Sometimes it works. Yay! Other times I end up with the photo above…. Meh.


But there is hope! Some of my favorite photos I have taken so far have been when my friends dress up in ridiculous outfits and model for me.

So out of   all the photos I have posted lately, here is the one I like the best.


Karen: You are one of the most easy going friends I have. Thank you for letting me put you in ridiculous situations and being happy about it. <3

I actually made this in Powerpoint, surprise, surprise. Powerpoint has a nice effect that let’s you get rid of the background. Then I added an painting like effect and then used a background that I found online (I also edited the background to make it more arty).

I like the bright colors here, and the smile on Karen’s face. It seems very whimsical and dreamlike. Already in my head I am creating a short story about a fortune teller.

This is Art leading to more Art. Creativity —> More Creative ideas.

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