What happens when you forget to make a Valentine for #ds106

The Heat Miser is gonna get ya!!


This year I had no idea what I wanted to make for Valentine’s Day, DS106 style.  I made my 2011 Superhero Valentine’s with the help of some of my funny roommates, and  I happened upon on the 2012 Romance Novel Valentine’s cards randomly while shopping.

But now 2013 in Korea, I couldn’t decide what to do.  I feel I have been a lot less creative while I’ve been living here; I haven’t converted anyone to the DS106 cult yet here :/

A few days ago, I was looking on Retronaut for ideas when I found this Valentine. I think it is hilarious because it  so weird!

Since I didn’t make anything for Valentine’s Day 2013 and  broke a 2 year tradition @__@, I know that the Heat Miser must be very unhappy. No….not just unhappy. He would be ANGRY.  What would the Heat Miser do in this situation?

Cook the Blondie! Haha.

PS: I am super impressed with Megan Mc’s 2013 Nerd Valentines! As always, she is rocking nerdom!

My favorite from the set:

I want to program a little robot to say this, haha. Megan rocks at life.


Written by Cali4beach

  1. So, how is Korea going? You’ve been there a while now, and as usual you are still on creative fire. I think I would get mad at anyone but you, but you rock so regularly it makes me feel guilty. Plus, that “I regret this life choice” is brilliant!

  2. I really love Korea! It’s been a really awesome experience teaching here, and I can’t believe I have been here 6 months already! It’s really crazy to me!

    I definitely want to try to step up my game for blogging about Korean life and art projects!

    Megan Mc and I need to start challenging each other more for DS106 stuff! 😀

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