T minus 3ish hours

Until my Australian friend Rose arrives in the States!

I was planning on doing a longer blog post about how we met (pretty crazy story), but it’s 3am and I want to catch some sort of sleep before I have to finish packing.

I have to leave for the airport at 6ish which is roughly around the time that Rose is arriving at LAX.

Besides the excitement of seeing a close friend I haven’t seen since last July, I am also excited to go back to the homeland! We are going to be staying in Santa Monica for a few days which means I get the chance to show Rose where I would go as kid when my family lived here.

However, here is our most important places to go while we are here.

#1 Stop:In-N-Out Burger: I’ve been dreaming about this place since I was in CA last July. I’ve bonded with many people over the amazingness of In and out!

#2 Disneyland: Been a while since I’ve been here, and of course, Rose has never been here. Hope it lives up to her expectations!! 😀

So for now I will leave you with a photo I took today while in Toy-R-Us which I think pretty much sums up Rose and Me. 😛

we are like so stylish, aren't we?

I would have totally bought these if they didn't cost $40 per doll D:



Graduation & life after!

After  eight semesters of hard work, plus a couple of summer classes here and there, I’ve graduated from the University of Mary Washington!

I’ve graduated with departmental honors and a BA in English: Creative Writing, summa cum laude.

Me & Meghan E --> Both of us received honors in English 😉

So now that I’ve graduated I’ve faced an exponential increase of family and/or random people asking me:

“So what are you going to do with your life now that you’ve graduated? Are you going into journalism? Are you going to teach?…”

Then they stare at me, unblinking, until I say something.

Like many of my fellow peers, I don’t really have a plan for my career yet (most of them fell through for various reasons), and thus, these questions get really old, really fast.

If I was smart I would say something random, like “I’m going to become a scuba diving instructor in Hawaii.” (I’m an actual Scuba diver but no-where near experienced enough to be an instructor! Although I would love to move to Hawaii for a few years!)


But really this is what I tell people I have planned for the next few months:

1) Figure out how to fit everything I brought back from my apartment into my room at home. My room here is the size of a cardboard box, no joke,  so this is going to be tricky!


2) In 11 days I am flying to California to meet up with my Australian friend Rose who I met in New Zealand last year.

postcard I bought last year. love it!!


Then we are going to travel together around  California, Arizona and Nevada for a little over two weeks. After that we are headed over to the East coast to do more traveling until she leaves in mid-July.

I am super excited because Rose is one of my closest friends and I haven’t seen her in almost a year. Also, while I’m from California, I’ve never been to Arizona or Nevada, so I am looking forward to traveling there.

Viva las vegas!

Vegas, anyone?

I’m also looking forward to showing off the best of America to Rose because she has never been to the U.S. before.

So definitely be on the lookout for more blog posts about her and our trip in the upcoming future!

3) Once Rose leaves its all going to be about applying for jobs or internships or seeing if I have any money left over to do more traveling. I got the travelin’ bug and I want to see as much of the world as possible before I’m 25.

Goal in life: Visit all the countries in the world plus Antartica. This can happen I just need to invent/write something that I can make bank on!


I am so there!