Getting out of a creative slump & Day 81: Horatio CSI Meme

Lately I’ve been in a creative slump and it’s been bad. Once you fall behind on a bunch of assignments, it’s hard to catch up or want to catch up. You start to develop this sort of apathy about making anything.

There is no point. No one cares. I am Jack’s wasted life.

Yesterday I was 14 days behind on assignments and I knew this was the turning point. If I didn’t start doing assignments again, my work for the past few months would be worthless. Continue reading

Day 48: House of Cards Challenge

Day 48’s assignment was: How tall can you make something that can stand on its own?

First image I had in my head was to make a house of cards. I got to work and for about half an hour attempted to make it the tallest card house I could.

The first image came from here.

Meme Version of the Hacking Incident

My reactions after finding out my websites were hacked last week:


Is this a joke?

Not a #ds106 joke? Why me? Why my blog?

I will hunt this person down and destroy him!

After getting everything up and running again:

I missed my blog so much! I promise I will blog 3 times a day!

Two Weeks from now (reality)

I should start blogging again... But first, one more page of 9gag....


Day 21: I might be going to hell for this

Day 21’s assignment:  “Write a ten-word love story. Bonus: illustrate it!”

After consultation with various people, I realized that I couldn’t do a sincere love story in 10 words. So instead I wrote this:

“On the big screen: Will you marry me?


By this I mean that if someone asked me to marry them while watching some kind of sports game among a crowd of hundreds of thousands, my response would be an emphatic NO!  I would hate that kind of attention.

Thinking that my drawing skills are lacking and that there must be other girls who have rejected these kinds of proposals, I headed to youtube. The following are comics illustrating my story. Made it in Paint which took entirely too long. I miss you photoshop.

From the video:

Taken from this video:

I kinda feel bad making a comic out of other people’s rejections, especially the last one. That being said though, it is a terrible proposal  idea. I also almost changed the words “Hell No” to “As If!” to make it funnier, but was limited to changing the words since I used paint.