Day 95: Not a Shakespearean quality sonnet

Day 95: “Ask a stranger for a suggestion of what to do today. Explaining what you’re up to is part of the experience! Bonus: Get them involved in the actual thing you make.”

It is kind of hard to explain to a perfect stranger what am I doing. The few times I have tried I’ve gotten blank stares and then an incredulous look like “Why are you wasting your time with that.” Clearly I have not been surrounded by creative types lately. :/

Instead, I asked a friend for a suggestion; she thought I should do a ds106 assignment I haven’t done before.

The opportunity to do this day’s assignment arose yesterday when I found a poem I wrote in my English class in 10th grade. It was supposed to be in the style of a Shakespearean sonnet. I decided I would record myself reading it for Audio Assignment84: “Record yourself reading from a diary/journal/letter you wrote when you were a teenager. Try to capture the emotion and angst of the moment. Add music and sound effects, as appropriate.”



Babycakes, Babycakes, Babycakes

I made this bumper for DS106 radio around the time of our audio projects, but had forgotten about it until my friend who did the voice for it, Gigi, reminded me.


The background music is from  I wrote the link down somewhere, but can’t find it. :/

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

“Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband”

A Sound Story by Jabomba (Aliyah and Me)

[audio:|titles=Texas Chainsaw Massacre]

Audio tracks from

The Creation Process*:

Aliyah came over Thursday night (so handy we are friends/ live in the same building 😉 to discuss what we had to do for the assignment since she had been at UVA performing with the UMW Bhangra team during class. (“So much better than going to DS106…Just Kidding….maybe… (: ” -Aliyah)

We brainstormed what our sound story should be and thought it would be funny if we did a ripoff of “the Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie. Aliyah’s words: “Oh my lord… this is going to get scary! D: ”

Then today we sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather all the while listening to screams, bone crunching, slurping, chainsaws, and evil laughter. We also listened to the guys on the first floor whose living room window was open; they were singing songs like “A Whole New World” from Aladdin and “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys. Very entertaining!

We played around with Audacity before the assignment, but found it a little tricky to get all the bits and pieces of the story to play together right. Finally once we figured all that out, it was a bitch to have the song exported as an MP3 file. We had to download a lame file which didn’t download right at first and this created all sorts of problems/ took forever to figure out.  Once that was taken care of, we uploaded the Mp3 file using Audio Player (a handy audio plugin for wordpress! Thanks to Andrew for finding it)

From there on out it was smooth sailing! I’m looking forward to working more with Aliyah and our other partner David. For now our group name is Jabomba, which is what I thought Aliyah’s twitter name was the other day. Turns out her twitter name is Jamabay so I was totally wrong, but I think Jabomba sounds cooler.