Meet Me

Leanna Isa Banana & Gavin the Gorilla

Hi, I’m Sarah (alias Cali4beach). I have a B.A. in English (concentration: Creative Writing) from the University of Mary Washington.

Originally hailing from L.A. (Santa Monica), you will find that I often sound like a valley girl which is ironic since I never lived in the valley.

I just finished teaching three years at various middle schools in South Korea! My job was pretty rad and gives me a lot of freedom! I love getting a chance to live in another culture and meet people who hold different perspectives than me.

Currently living some travel dreams and attempting to make more art in my life.


What I love in life:

  • Traveling
  •  Interacting with new people
  • Beaches
  •  Skydiving
  •  laughing until you can’t breathe,
  • Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatuses,
  • DS106, Picmonkey, Pixlr and Flickr.


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  1. Hey! I need hair help. How difficult do you find it is to upkeep your blonde hair in Korea? I’m going there soon and I don’t know if I should try to maintain my blonde highlights there, or try ombre before leaving for the sake of having it grow out nicer… Do you think ombre would be okay while teaching?? Thanks!

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