15 reasons why I love LA

1. The beach. I love the ocean and the sand.

2. Palm Trees, Birds of Paradise, Cacti

3. Murals

4. Houses with interesting architecture, covered in bright paint..

5. In-n-Out Burger, Foster Freeze and Rae’s Restaurant (Cafe).

6. How close everything is to each other.

7. The friendly, laid-back people.

8. The Car Chases they show on TV, because where else would someone drive for two hours while 1o + police cars and helicopters follow them.

9. The Parks.

10. The Billboards. Some people might think it’s trashy, but I think they’re fun.

11. Open Air Courtyards with lots of plants.

12. How Diverse LA is.

13. The weather (for the most part) and lack of gnats and other annoying insects!

14. Disneyland and other assorted Theme Parks.

15. The Sun!