Townsville- 3rd Night

First  time I’ve been able to update this blog since I left for New Zealand. Internet in New Zealand is super expensive, $3 or more and hour, so I was using that time to talk to my family and catch up on important emails.

It’s Tues 11pm here in Townsville, which means back home it is 8am Tues morning  back home. Right now I am sitting with my new roommates watching pair figure skating at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It’s weird to think that many places in the world are innudated with snow, while I am boiling to death here in Townsville, with weather in the 80s and the humidity rate about 90%. It’s horrible; worse than VA in the summer, and I came here to escape the weather in VA.

There is so much to write about, but I have to wake up semi-early tomorrow to go to “Uni” and hopefully get a free bus tour of Townsville (maybe see the beach for the first time!)

Hasta Luego.

Written by Cali4beach

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