Microsoft Excel 2007 is my best friend.

Yes, it’s true. I don’t know where I would be without the trusty Excel programs helping me determine how much money I’ve been spending a week and on what, how much money I have left to do fun trips in Australia in such an easy to read format.

I am also appreciative of the fact that UMW requires Business majors to take a class on how to use Excel and Access because that class showed me a lot of time saving and useful tips on how to take full advantage of these programs. I think they should offer more sections of this class for people to take because it is so useful across all the disciplines.

On a related note, I spent TWO hours today figuring out my finances for Australia. This is mostly because I was backlogged on entering in data for four weeks, so I had to catch up on all of that.
The good thing about spending so much time on this is that I know mostly where I stand in terms of how much money I have for Australia. The bad thing is I’ve realized how much money I have for Australia.

Before my travelling adventures began, I had the optimistic notion of travelling all across Australia: north, south, east, and west. When I was in New Zealand, I also decided I wanted to travel to South Asia to continents like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand with my friend Kristen from Contiki.

Sadly that dream was shattered when I told my mom about all my grand traveling plans and Mom said, “Sarah, are you finding the money for these trips at the end of the rainbow?”

Yes, being a broke college student with a limited budget is not conducive to grand traveling adventures. I’ve been trying to find a job in Townsville to help finance some OZ trips (Ozzies make bank here! One 21 year old girl working at a grocery store gets $21 an hour!!!!), but it’s nearly impossible for three reasons:
1) I’m only going to be here 4 more months.
2) I need to find a job easy to get to where I live without a car/ with in bus distance
3) I have to fight all the other Uni students who live here more permanently for jobs.

I should probably give up on finding a real job and just rent myself out as an “American Language Tutor” so I can teach all the Ozzie kids American slang like “Whateves” or “For realz?” (Learning this through TV is just not the same as from learning it from a real person)

Until then, I am just going to be more thrifty about spending my money I have and look forward to the day where I will make oodles and oodles of money at a fantastic job so that I can take a two year long break to travel the world.

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