No Hurricane in Townsville

After all the fuss to “ready the cyclone kit”, stock up on tin food, and fill the bathtub with water in case the power goes out and we need water, Hurricane Ului did not hit Townsville.

In fact, I woke up yesterday to sun and ended up going on an hour and half walk (there and back) to a public pool before going for a swim in the Ross River for the first time. The Ross River runs by my house, but for some reason my friends and I had only gone to the pool or the beach before.

There apparently are Fresh Water Crocodiles in the River, but as they are smaller and a lot more timid than their cousins, the Salt Water Crocodiles, they never bother the people in the river. Actually, the weekends are very popular for the locals to go swimming in the river, and have a bbq at one of the public bbqs.

Today has absolutely been pouring though! I managed to make it to school without it raining, but ended up getting a ride back from a girl in one of my classes. I’m really lucky; according to the facebook status of one of my roommates, she’s stuck at the school library because she forgot her umbrella and doesn’t want to walk home 25 minutes in a torrential downpour. I hope it stops raining soon so she can come home!

Luckily, I can do all my homework at home tonight, even though I get easily distracted by my lovely roommates!

Here are some pictures of the grocery store leading up to the Hurricane when everyone thought it was going to hit us:

All the bread was gone. Only the super expensive loaves were left.

The Long life milk was gone too.

Our panty was full for once!

Written by Cali4beach

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