All about (Step)Moms and their (step)kids

While researching articles for my english paper about the portrayal of a blended families in two books, I stumbled across these poems. The second poem was inspired by the first.

Mothers and Daughters’
by David Campbell (1915-1979)

The cruel girls we loved
Are over forty,
Their subtle daughters
Have stolen their beauty;

And with a blue stare
Of cool surprise,
They mock their anxious mothers
With their mothers’ eyes.

“Stepmothers and Stepdaughters”

by: Lesley Walter, 2000


Daughters sit at their fathers’ tables, stare at them with the mothers’ cool blue eyes,

They brush back thick cloned hair, flutter passed-down lashes,

swell from skimpy too-tight tops and slinky low-cut dresses.

and mock their mid-life stepmother with the breast of once loves wives.

Written by Cali4beach

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