Off to the Whitsundays!

Tomorrow I head off with my roommate Marieke and a plethora of other German Studyabroad students to Airlie Beach to go on a two day sailing trip around the whitsundays!

I am very excited about this, as everyone I’ve talked to said the whitsundays are incredibly beautiful.

Too bad I have a lot of work to do now and until Lecture recess (only 14 days, including my whitsunday trip, to write 3 big papers!!!!) so I’m not sure how relaxing this vacation will be.

I find it ironic I am stressed about a vacation. It also feels surreal that tomorrow I will be on a bus to Airlie beach. I packed a bit earlier because if I wait to the last minute, I forget things like PJS, shampoo, or my favorite, the toothbrush.

Right now I am at the school computer lab, looking for as many articles/books about for my english paper in the hopes of possibly brainstorming a bit on my trip. We’ll see how that goes!!

Tonight is also Uni Club night, which means there is a ridiculous amount of drunk people running around on campus and peeing on trees. Unfortunately a bunch of them just came to meet their girlfriends who are studying in here, so I think this is a good incentive to head home; I’m tired as well.

Tomorrow, I also turn in my first draft for my writing class. Hope my teacher likes it!  She’s very subjective, so I don’t know if she’ll like my “horror” piece, slightly inspired the movies I’ve seen in my horror cinema class.

ps. Never watch “Dance of the Dead” unless you want to have weird nightmares of Zombies dancing when prodded with electric cattle rods. :/ (Don’t worry Mom, I’m not traumatized for life!!)

Adios, hasta la vista.

Written by Cali4beach

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