Tribulation at Cape Trib

I’ve been so busy lately and have updated in a while! I have so much to post, but for now I just will talk about recent news.

I went up to Cairns and Cape Tribulation this past week with my friend Marieke as a pre-exam study break. However, on our horseback ride in Cape Trib I fell off my horse while cantering and landed straight on my tailbone (straining my back) and really hurting my knee.

I wasn’t able to go to the hospital about it until Sunday because Cape Trib is a protected rainforest with limited people up there and there are no doctors or hospitals nearby. Luckily, I didn’t break or fracture anything, but it really hurts to sit or walk (I’m limping around like a 90 year old with arthritis– I know what it feels like to be old and it sucks!)

So now I am hobbling around with crutches and trying to stay off my knee much as possible. I’m also trying to get ahold of my teacher because I was supposed to give a presentation on Monday but it hurt too much to travel on Sunday so I missed it. I’ve sent a few emails to her but have yet to hear a response so if I don’t get one by tomorrow morning I’m going to talk to someone else in the school about it.

I’m also only up in Townsville for 9 more days so I’m beginning to study for my two exams and figuring out how exactly I’m bringing back all the things I need to bring home (I hope it fits into my two suitcases). Still also working on changing my flight back from LAX to IAD because the dates I wanted to change it too are NOT available, so I’m not quite sure what to do.

So much for a “restful” pre-exam break! Incidentally, Cape Tribulation was thus named by Captain James Cook because he was shipwrecked on the reef up there for a day or two!

Written by Cali4beach

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