Presentation rescheduled

So my teacher finally got back to me today and told me my presentation has been rescheduled to next Wed! So glad she got a hold of me (FINALLY) though I wish I could get my presentation over with already.

Now I have two days to study for my english exam. 3 hours, 3 essays, woo hoo! I really need to review all my notes and study for this! I will probably try to reread some of the books we talked about just so I have some refresher ideas. Oh, and I was able to get special consideration for the exam in light of my injuries and will be able to have more breaks in the exam in case i cannot sit for 3 hours straight! Marieke bought me a rubber coccyx cushion today so that should help but it still hurts to sit for a long period of time.

My plan tomorrow is to not move and study studys study so i can rest my knee because I think I’ve been walking too much and want to relax.

Met the landlords of our house for the first time today and long story, but also the very belligerent lady that lives in the house behind ours. If I have more time will explain later, but basically she is flipped out about the tiniest noises ever. Seriously, if she is mad Marieke talks on her phone outside at 10pm, then she shouldn’t be screaming her head off which apparently she does all the time.

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