Back to Cali and the US

Just flew back to the US after 3 crazy weeks in Sydney with my friend Rose.

Despite the fact it was a 14 hour flight, it wasn’t too bad. Got maybe a hour of sleep and instead watched 4 movies: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (in Swedish with English subtitles), Valentine’s Day, Leap Year and How to Train your dragon.

They were all pretty good for what they where. I also watched 30 mins of the new Clash of the Titans which was so terrible I had to watch something else.

My sister picked me up from the Airport but when she got out of the car to give me a hug, the car locked itself, still running mind you. So we had to wait over an hour to have a tow company come and open it. Total damage= $65 dollars out of my wallet because my sister didnt have any cash.

Once that incident was over, we rushed to In-n’ out burger for the necessary burger, fries and milkshake. So good!

Hung out at my sister friends Apt at the Marina for a few hours, then met up with a family friend whose known me since birth. Then my cousin eventually showed up after a play she went to see and we went back to her new apt in the Hollywood Hills!

Today was basically a sleep in sort of day to make up for barely sleeping the past day (s). We ended up going to Santa Monica with Christina’s friend for a nice lunch/dinner thing. I love how long the sun is out in CA because in Syd it got dark around 5pm and here it gets dark at 8pm. I know Syd is in the Winter right now, but still even in the summer, it seemed to get darker earlier compared to the US.

Things that are bothering me about the States:

1) Driving= now im used to driving on the left side, so when my sister keeps driving on the right it kind of freaks me out for a second. Hopefully that feeling will disappear soon and once I start driving.

2) the coins seem so small compared to the OZ ones. Not like this is a problem because I don’t really like their money, but still it seems strange.

3) Tax isn’t included in the prices of things! Seriously if it’s going to cost me $6.70 including tax, I rather know that straight away rather than figure that out at the end.

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