Reflection on Daily Shoots thus far

As of tonight I have uploaded  81 photos for 53 daily shoots to Flickr. This does not count the other photos I have uploaded to flickr or all the other photos I have taken but not uploaded.

I have officially accomplished 14% of my 365 photo goal. Wow! I am surprised my motivation has lasted this long. 🙂

Sometimes I get really cool photos in seconds and have to do little editing work, and other times I have spent an hour or so doing photo shoots with friends (such as people in this class like Megan, Colleen, Aliyah and my friends outside the class who might as well be in it.) Some days I don’t have a lot of time to take a photo which means the one I do end up uploading is ok but could have been better.

I really love doing crazy photoshoots with friends because they turn out really entertaining (e.g. Rainbow Brite Photo shoots, The Masks, Water Water Everywhere).

I’m also slightly obsessed with Picnik which is an awesome/quick way to edit photos for free online and then download to your computer

I love the comments I get on Flickr because they are generally very encouraging/ entertaining. Thanks ds106sers and all the randoms that have commented.

So now I leave you with all the awesome photos I have thus far. You have any favorites?





Written by Cali4beach

  1. As I have said on this blog before, you are a creative force in ds106. And you really have gone above and beyond with the dailyshoots already. What’s more, your themed dailyshoots like the rainbow colors and mask shoots are remarkable. You creative bug has become more like a full scale epidemic, in the best possible way though 🙂

  2. Darn! I cannot go to comment on a ds106 blogpost and get there before Jim!

    I’m really excited to see how you have stayed with the challenge and hope that while also being fun it is also helping you see the world differently and more creatively through the camera.

    I really dig “GRAR!” ( the colors and expression make it stand out among the icons, but in full view it has even more rich detail.

  3. I’m happy to be in more of your pictures 😀 Keep up the awesome work! I’ve tried to do a 365 photo day thing but lost motivation after the 5th day or so, haha. Keep taking pictures! You can do it

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