Day 216: Friendship Day competition

Yesterday was Friendship day which is a day all about celebrating your friends. You can read more about it’s inception here. My friend’s family has been celebrating this day for many years and yesterday was the first time I was able to take part.

The theme this year was “Friendship is a gift.”  Everyone was asked to bring a small gift for someone else and there was going to be a competition for the best gift wrapping. The first place was for the all around “Best wrapped gift.” The second place was for “most creatively wrapped” and third prize for the “most whimsically wrapped.”

This was a perfect inspiration for my daily project. I had a two part gift (rubik’s cube and a journal) to wrap so I looked online for inspiration. I found this tutorial for paper weaving and decided it would be a perfect way to wrap the Rubik’s cube. First I wrapped the cube in newspaper then I used all the colors on the cube as the basis for the paper weaving. It didn’t take too much time and the result was pretty awesome:

When I looking through the newspaper to decide what section I wanted to use, I found a trippy looking black and white image in the Style section. I thought it would be perfect  to wrap the journal in. As a finishing touch I added more strips of colored paper and a blue jolly rancher.

The competition itself was pretty fierce because there were 27 people who all brought gifts. I didn’t get a photo of each gift, but rather I took one of the gift that won “Most Whimsically Wrapped”

My friend Natalie had the idea and it was executed by our friend Ashley. It’s underwater themed and inside it even had fake candles that flickers with light. Awesome design/execution. I bow to their creativity 🙂

Written by Cali4beach

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