Day 35: Sibling2’s creativity blows everyone else out of the water

Day 35’s assignment: “Create instructions that others can use to make something and then have someone try it out.” I

This was tricky in terms of I could think of nothing that I can do that requires instructions for other people to do it.  So I turned to a visualization game/ 5 minute personality test that I remember doing at camp one time.

I’m sure most of you have heard of it:

Close your eyes. Imagine you are walking alone in a desert. All of a sudden a cube appears before you. 

How big is the cube?
What color is the cube?
How does that color make you feel?
Can you see inside the cube?
How big is the cube compared to the desert?

You see a ladder.

Is the ladder leaning on the cube?
What color is the ladder?
What is the distance between the cube and the ladder?

You see a horse.

What is the distance between the cube and the horse?
What color is the horse?
Is the horse tied up or roaming freely?
Is the horse wearing a saddle?

There is a storm.

What is the distance between the storm and the cube?
Is the size of the storm big or small?
Is the storm passing by or staying in place?
Is the storm violent, thunder, and lightning or calm and light rain?

You see a flower.

Is there only one flower or many?
Where is the flower, what is it next to?
What color is the flower?

Your answers to these questions are supposed to reveal a lot about your psychological makeup…. So using my siblings plus Elena as guinea pigs I put it to the test by having them draw what they were thinking. The results:

Sibling 1 aka Laura


 The results:

“Apparently I don’t think highly of myself, am not too close with my friends, I’m looking for a stable guy, I’m anxious about some foreseeable problems ahead and I want nothing to do with kids… This is a stupid test! I was thinking of literal things. Most horses are brown, the southwest has spectacular (violent) storms, and I was thinking of a desert flower! Go figure.



I had my friend Elena do the test, but I did it via skype so I don’t actually have the results to post online. What I remember from doing this is that Elena also thought the test was silly and that she thinks her results were more literal than psychological.


Even though I already had Laura and Elena do the test and I read them their answers, I decided to see what I would come up with if I were to draw my answers. Obviously this is completely biased but it is what it is.

The Cube: Since my cube isn’t transparent this means that people can’t see through me. I put up a tough front, think somewhat highly of myself and have a shiny personality. I value compassion and prosperity.

The Ladder: I am not too close with my friends (big distance between the ladder and the cube). Apparently my friendships with people are strained (since it’s a rope ladder twisting in the rain.)

The Horse: My ideal boyfriend is adventurous and not that close with my friends.

The Storm: I have a big obstacle in my life that is passing through (I guess it’s HUGE since it can pick up a house).

The flower: I don’t care about kids since this flower is lying on the ground abandoned.

–> While some of this might  be slightly accurate, a lot of the other things are not. So this game does seem a little silly, although it is entertaining.


Sibling 2 aka Charlotte. 

Charlotte was the last person to do the test and she by far had  the most interesting response:

“A cube? Well, I’m thinking of an ice cube because I’m thirsty. And since I’m in a desert, it’s a large ice cube that melts in the sun forming a lake. The ladder is on the ground going over a pit of quicksand on the way to the lake. So you have to crawl across the wood ladder in order to reach the lake. The horse is brown and grazing at the edge of the lake. The storm is 2.25 miles away, a thunder storm, and coming towards me. There are a bunch of yellow flowers which are all around the edge of the water.” 

I don’t even know how to interpret this. I’m sure the makers of the test wasn’t expecting someone to answer like this. I love how the rest of us came up with responses that were fairly generic and Charlotte came up with the most visually interesting one. It speaks a lot to her creativity  ^_^