Day 60: Bad Photo, Vintage Effect & Helvetica challenge

Day 60’s assignment was: ” Make something that casts a shadow and document only the shadow.”

After procrastinating on this assignment, I finally dragged my friend’s sister into posing with me for a shadow photo. Then, since all the photos were kinda terrible, I decided to do Visual Assignment 52 where you take a bad photo, add a vintage effect and then add a silly phrase in helvetica.

I edited the photo  in Pixlr (amazing free photo editing website!) then asked my friend for suggestions for a phrase to use.  One of them is slightly negative and the other one is more positive. I couldn’t decide which one I liked more so I ended up posting both:


caption by Aitak M

lyrics from the song: We are young

Day 29: “I swear to God I am going to have a heart attack”

Day 29’s assignment: “Make a disguise for yourself, a friend, a pet, or an object. See if you can fool anyone with it.”

I was going to do a whole video montage of scaring people, but I will have to save that for another project.

Basically I put on a John McCain mask, lay in wait in my friend’s little sister’s bed, and when she came home from school I popped up suddenly.


Full quote by Army; “I swear to God I am going to have a heart attack one of these days because of you people!”