Funny Korea Advertisements

Oh Korea. I get a kick out of you.

1) Is it man? Is it a woman?

Koreans seems to enjoy when men dress up as women, despite the fact they are really anti-gay people here. I find it intriguing that the back cover of the magazine (which showcases Korean people on the street wearing interesting fashion choices) blends the top half of a man with the lower half of a woman. Strange.

2) Vampire Makeup?

Because nothing is sexier than having bite marks on your neck… I know that the Koreans love to be uber white, but this is a bit too much.

3) Man advertising Bra?

Why? Why?

I asked my (male) Korean guy friend to explain. He said it was this guy thinks women look good in this bra?

But for the foreigner reading the magazine, it looks like he promoting the best bra for transgendered people.


4) The burger of choice for vampires

The Korean translated says “Eat it and you will turn into a vampire too!” Since, as you should all know, Vampires just love eating cooked meat with lettuce and bread. Don’t forget the special sauce!

5) James Dean President approved this

I wish someone could explain the need for fake tattoo swirls on this long underwear outfit. Spicing up the drab old nude color with some black swirls? I am curious as to WHO actually would buy this.

6) You must love me

“If you don’t I will kill you and everything you have ever loved slowly and painfully and possibly with a lot of fire and gasoline involved.”

Seriously, this man is frightening. He is airbrushed to the point of fakeness and his eyes look murderous. I can’t look at this without shuddering.

7) Vagina Boas

At quick glance this reads wrong. My friends and I did a double take while passing it on the street.

8) Nobody could look this happy advertising snail cream

Kim Hyun Joong, you could do better than this!

9) Baby cream?

First of all, why is this on the baby’s mouth? It looks really wrong and also he looks like he is about to rushed to the poison control center any minute!

10) Wanna have baby skin

Another creepy baby advertisement. Stop it please. I can’t handle the creepiness anymore!

11) Psy Man Man Man’s Balm

In case it wasn’t clear enough this is for a man. A Man Man Man.

12) Bathhouse fun.

Not an advertisement, this is page in a book for learning Korean & English. Nothing says fun like getting a scrub down from your friend in the bathhouse.