I didn’t get to Zumba, but I got toast!

Today was a sad day.

I went to my car in the parking deck so I could go to my Zumba class I do at the YMCA, only to find to find my car was dead. D:

I had to call the UMW police to come and jump it and by the time they did that, it was fifteen minutes into my Zumba class and I needed to drive my car around for 20 minutes or more to make sure the battery would stay charged. Yep, definitely was not going to make it to Zumba. (I’m obsessed with Zumba and had missed my Saturday class so missing another one was extremely frustrating) >.<

To top it all off, my built in navigation system had locked itself and I needed to find the access code (that I had no idea where it could be)  if I ever wanted to navigate/ listen to music ever again. So I spent twenty or so minutes driving around random places in Fredvegas wondering where I would find the access code, feeling envious of all the people who were Zumba-ing right now and also thinking about the mountains of homework I had left to do.

Eventually I managed to find the access code (after a million years of searching) and now my car is up and running like normal. I’m still a little bitter of how much of a pain in the ass it was (grrrrrr) but at least I know what to do if this ever happens again.

To end this post on a happy note though, I made toast people today! Toast people you might ask? My friend posted this on her Facebook and I’ve become obsessed with taking pictures of people and making them into toast.

He's cool enough for toast

Eddie Mabo Toast

Pretty cool, huh?

Check out more of my toast people on my flickr, or click here if you would like to make your own toast people!