Another 5 Card Flickr Story

For Aliyah 😉

Five Card Story: Creep….Creep…Creep

a ds106 story created by Cali4beach

flickr photo by relaxkid55

flickr photo by ravnclaw89

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These past two weeks, I’ve feel like someone has been watching me. Especially when I am playing the piano in the practice room, I see a shadow on the edge of my vision. But when I look no one is there. I’ve also been hearing a strange snuffling noise outside my door at night, but there is never anyone in the hallway when I open the door.

My friends thought I was just imagining things until Valentine’s Day when I heard a loud tapping on my door around 1 AM. I ran to the door and wrenched it open to find an empty hallway. In front of my door was a bouquet of flowers and attached was a note:

“Dear Cali,

I’ve seen you around everywhere for weeks and words cannot begin to describe how I feel about you. You are beautiful and amazing…. I love you.

Please meet me tomorrow on the patio outside of Eagle Landing at 3 P.M.

– D.”

D? Who the hell is “D”?

I immediately woke up my roommates who said I should go meet him tomorrow and see who he is. If he is a stalker, we need to make sure to get a picture of his face to report him to the police. So my friends and I start planning a little trap for him…

But still I’m majorly creeped out!

To be continued…