#366creativityjournal PANIC MODE

I already tweeted Megan Mc about this, but felt this deserves its own blog post.

I just realized that today is December 10th. I also realized I am 21 days from supposedly completing my 366 creativity journal project.

I definitely will have over 100 plus photos / art projects to post, not to mention a good 20 plus projects I have to catch up on/ make.

How did this time slip away from me? I have no idea what la-la-land I have been living in, but time to get serious!!!

Jeez. This next couple of weeks will be intense if I want to get this done on time!!! Time to get in Panic CRUNCH MODE! (Because if I don’t then this will never get done!!)

Ideally, I would like to be done with this project by New Year’s so I can start my next year long project.

I have an idea in mind for that, but I need to hone it a bit before I talk anymore about it.


I need some of my #ds106 homies to move to Korea so that they can motivate me!