Day 52: Man drawn upside down

Day 52’s assignment was: “Work upside down. Create something in such a way that you have to rotate it 180 degrees to display/see it when it is finished.”

I wasn’t sure what to make with this so I turned to the all powerful google. I found this interesting slideshow that explained how drawing upside down not only improves one’s observational skills, but also shifts brain activity from left side to right. Furthermore, it helps the artist see lines connecting to one another, not just the shape as a whole.

Although I don’t often draw things, I decided to give it a go. My first attempt was to re-create an image of a chair. The proportions were off when I turned it the right way round, so I decided to draw something a little easier.

Using the picture on Slide 11 as the basis for my drawing I got to work.

Definitely was more work to attempt to draw this upside down. The result wasn’t half bad (considering I rarely draw).