Awesome Mashups

So here are just a few of the mashups I’ve come across lately that I really like 🙂



I love how the creators mixed Angry Birds and the three little pigs with the events happening in the  Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.  Very funny!


Not sure if this next video counts as a mashup at all, but I like how this put this song with people doing cool bike tricks.


Cartoon Egypt(?) Vs. Real Life Egypt

On Wednesday I was flipping through “The Washington Post” when I stumbled across this comic strip for “Speed Bump” of his little kid asking his daddy to ride a mechanized camel in the middle of desert.

I thought it pretty funny, but there is such a contrast between this cartoon and what’s going on in Egypt right now with all the rioting/protesting against the government.

The juxtaposition between the two photos I thought was really interesting (if slightly blurry).

Cartoon and Real Life


What are your thoughts?