Woes of the 5 Minute Show


Can anyone explain how in Audacity you can put together mutiple audio tracks easier? For example, if I had a track of me talking and a background track of music that I then wanted to add to something exactly like that, how could I do this without cutting and pasting 2 tracks? Is there a way to do it all as one track?


[audio:https://imlikesoblonde.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ds106-3_Freedom.mp3|titles=5 Minute Sesh of Freedom!]

So Aliyah and I really started working on our radio show last night although we had a we had a good idea about what we want to do for the thirty minute radio show.

We decided it would be fun to go back to the old school day of radio which is why for our project we are re-creating the radio play “I Saw Myself Running” by Anthony Ellis which Aired Feb 22, 1953.

We even managed to get my suitemate Elena to help record some voices for us. She has a great acting voice and it’s a lot of fun to get more people to help us out as it is just the two of us (POWER DUO!! [Aliyah picked this song, hahahahah :D)

It took a lot longer than expected to record and piece together all the audio we had. We ended up working on it from 8pm until 12am and that was only to get the 6 minute section of our show up D:

We ended up using an extra song because while we were originally going to have 1 oldie’s song play, the way that the timing worked out, we would have less than 5 minutes of audio. We didn’t have time to work on another segment of the mystery audio, so hence the song for tonight.

But Aliyah and I have plans to work on it tomorrow before break and during break as well.

Audio Info:

1st Song: Elvis Presley “That’s All Right Mama”

2nd Song: Bill Haley and the Comets “Rock around the Clock”

#1 Music for Audio Bumper –> Script we based our #ds106 bumper off of

#2 Radio Show Intro Music – Horror

#3 Creepy Ambiance  Music