Day 10: The Watery Grave

Day 10’s assignment was : “Use only water as your medium or inspiration today.”

Due to various events this day I waited until the last possible minute to create something for the assignment. Which, consequently meant that I wasn’t thinking clearly when I decided to balance my camera on top of a water glass to get a photo.

Camera + Glass of Water= Watery Grave.

My face when my camera plunged into the water looked something like Day 9’s assignment:



And of course my backup camera works only half the time I try to use it.

All in all, today’s assignment was looking to turn out super crappy. The photos I got were laughable like the image below.

Totally Crappy

But, thanks to the power of photoshop/ picnik I managed to turn out a somewhat interesting photo….

Evil Eye

This photo was made in Picnik by  doing several edits such as adding a watery texture, changed the hue/saturation, as well as adding in the eye.

Monster Eye

I know I could do a lot more with these photos, but for now I am content to put the memory of drowning my camera behind me. I am attempting to rescitate it, but I don’t know if I will have any luck.