Day 14: I’m Like So Blonde gets a new Favicon

Day 14’s Assignment was: ” Make something microscopic. How small can you work? Can you make something that requires a magnifying glass microscope to see?”

What popped in my head almost instantly was the idea of changing my favicon. My favicon* for the past year had been a yellow crown, which I chose for several reasons including that I couldn’t think of anything better.

Favicon= the small picture in the corner next to the URL

For this year’s favicon, I wanted to make something that better reflected my website/ purpose of blogging.  After casting around a bunch of ideas, I decided to head to the Noun Project for some inspiration.

My eyes landed on the camera and I decided that fit perfectly. I am photo nerd and have almost finished my 365 photo a day project (Only 17 days left!) I decided to make the background a yellow color to reflect the blondness of my site. Then I made the center green because I have green eyes (It’s all about ME ME ME on here… 😛 )

And after using my tutorial I wrote (totally had forgotten how I did it last time), I now have a new favicon. I definitely like it more than the crown, but still haven’t decided if this is THE ONE  that I want forever.

The Idiot’s Guide for getting a Favicon for a WP site

This past weekend I spent several hours trying to figure out how to get a favicon ON my site and also trying to find a favicon that would DISPLAY WELL for my site.

It was kind of a pain in the ass because the internet sites I was using to help me do this kept mentioning terms just confused me for a barely computer literate person (okay, so maybe I know more than the average joe, but I’m not like a programming genius or anything) and was just super complicated with many steps.

So that others don’t have to waste their precious time hunting around to learn how to do this, I have a few simple steps for you to follow:

1: On WordPress dashboard go to Plugins

2: Add New Plugin

3: Search forAmberPanther Favicon for WordPress

4: Download and Activate

5: You are good to go! You can find the plugin below Settings tab and from there upload a picture for you to use for your favicon!

Now in terms of the favicon you want to use, a few words to the wise: SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE!


1) Try to save the file type as ICO (you can use an online program to do this) otherwise it might not show up on other browsers.

  • Mine shows up on Firefox but not Internet Explorer because I have it saved as a PNG (Will need to fix this soon)

2) The size of the image is recommended to be 16 X 16 pixels.

  • I went through about four different favicons trying to get it to look good and not like a total indistinct blob.  Not sure how keen I am on the one I have now, but it’s my temporary one until I come up with a better idea or someone has a better suggestions (???)


For those who are more interested in my process about getting the crown favicon I got now here it is:

I started with wanting to have one of the map of California( from noun project),  however soon discovered that would be too big to look good.

Then I decided to switch to having a person  with uber blonde hair. I used photoshop to add the hair on, which I downloaded as a photoshop brush.

Like Duh

I realized that the whole person would be too big again, so I tried cropping the photo to just the head. However, when I put the favicon up it looked like a little black and blonde bob, nothing distinctive (shown here it’s more than a blob)

Then I decided to switch to a crown because it reminded me of a queen bee stereotypical blonde.

But we were losing the distinctive features of the crown so I switched to a much more simple crown.

Like I said earlier, I’m okay with it but couldn’t think of a favicon that screams: I’M LIKE SO BLONDE.COM  So any suggestions would be nice 🙂