The month of GO, GO, GO

The past month or so was a constant GO, GO, GO month.

By this I mean that every weekend, I was off doing something or going somewhere, and during the week I was swamped by teaching English, meeting people to do various things, and taking a Korean class.

But finally it is nearing the end of the semester and the end of my Korean class, which means I will a lot more free time on my hands.

I have been neglecting my blog/ flickr of late and I miss it. I miss doing art and writing blog posts only two people read (haha).

Somehow I have been sucked into a vicious cycle of posting a lot of #366creativityjournal projects all at once, and it’s terrible.

Nobody wants to look at 100 pictures at one time. Nobody wants to read 100 blogs post discussing life in Korea at one time.

Also, I think it is quite possibly Megan Mc has already disowned me because I haven’t posted anything for our Koreausa blog in ages. >.>

This weekend I vow to get my act together!

No. Excuses.