Day 15: If George Washington was a pirate

Day 15’s assignment was:  “What can you do with a just a dollar? Use a dollar bill as your medium or inspiration today. ”

Since I had done origami for Day 3 I decided that today I would have to do something different.

During my Chasing Summer trip a few months ago, I went to a bar in Key West whose walls were covered from floor to ceiling in defaced dollar bills.

Hundreds upon hundreds of dollars lay within grasp, however they were totally worthless. It was a cool idea, but also seemed like such a waste just to scrawl a name on there or something like “Vegans Rule”.

I decided that if I was going to deface a dollar bill today, I might as well make it funny (Also, I was inspired by a post)

After a visit to Crime and Punishment earlier today, I modeled George Washington after a buccaneer. Of course, he needed a catchphrase to go with his amazing moustache…