Day 90: 30 second Smash

Day 90’s assignment was “Make a pinata and destroy it! Bonus: have a party specifically for the occasion.”

Back in February my family celebrated Sibling 1’s birthday.  In her honor we busted a pinata I’ve got in elementary school. This video documents our unsuccessful attempts to SMASH that sucker.


The shaky video quality was due to me laughing while holding the camera… too funny.

Speaking of Gifs: Laura’s 25 Bday Card

For my sister’s 25th birthday last week I wanted to do something epic.

Originally I had the idea to make her a cake like this:

Tooooo Old!

But then I decided to go with making her the traditional German Chocolate cake and instead have the fabulous Megan Mc make her a Gif Bday Card.


Laura thought it was hilarious! Best. E-Card. Ever. 😀

Thank again Megan! (I now know the pain your suffered for making this) :p