Day 11: May I never lose my left hand

Day 11 assignment was: “Work on the other hand. Pick a medium you’re comfortable with, then work with your nondominant hand.”

I am part of the lovely minority who uses my left hand to write, which meant that today I would have to use my right hand.  In the past for fun I’ve attempted using my right hand to write things but quickly gave up. (How do you righties do it?)

Since taking a photo with my right hand today isn’t that challenging, I decided instead to color something from the “Sea Life Stained Glass Coloring Book” by Llyn Hunter. This way it would be difficult, but not totally impossible to do.

Let me tell you, coloring with my right hand was painful! Two minutes in coloring my sheet and my hand already started cramping.  Over the course of time in which I spent coloring the front and back of the sheet, I had to shake out my hand at least a hundred times.

Every time I picked up a different color marker and put it to the page, I’d realize I had put it in the wrong hand and would have to switch. Normally coloring in something is a mindless task, but this took a lot of mental effort  to not take the easy way out and use my left hand.

It also took a lot longer to color this page in with my right hand then it would if I had used my left.

This was definitely an interesting assignment and it  reminded  me that while I would be upset if I lost one of my hands in a freak accident, I would be even more annoyed if it was my left hand!

The final result of all my suffering:


Shine on through

My friend decided she wanted to have it for her car