Day 57 & 54: The mailman will think I am crazy…

Day 57’s assignment was “Use a disposable plastic bag to create something new today.” 

Now for an earlier assignment, Day 54, I made a drawing comprised entirely of dots.

I decided I wanted to mail this drawing off along with a letter I was sending to my friend Kayla. So for today’s assignment I decided to use part of a plastic bag from Target to decorate the outside of the envelope I was going to mail it all in.



I am sure the mailman will think I am insane.


Day 7: Graffiti Art

Day 7’s activity was “One week down! See how fast it goes? Today, make a stencil and use it in your work.”

I started off with trying to make an elaborate stencil, but realized my paper cutting abilities leave much to be desired. Instead, I ended up making a stencil that said “Got Mail” with the help of my sister.

By the time we finished making the stencil it was getting rather late so I decided to put off using it until the next day. Again, another 2-day project. Oh well.

I had just finished writing at super long letter to one of my friends overseas (22 pages) and I realized that I needed a bigger envelope to send it in. I decided to use my stencil to decorate the envelope.


And since that turned out well I decided I wanted to decorate the front of the envelope too. I dug out a stencil that my friend Natalie had given me as part of my 19th birthday gift.

All in all, I loved doing Day 7 assignment! But, of course, who doesn’t like making art with spray paint? ; )